GT WiFi (eduroam) Credentials Request Form


The Centergy Building is covered by both of Georgia Tech’s campus wide WiFi networks. The faster network, GTWiFi (eduroam), requires authentication with a userid and password to access, while GTVisitor is available to all tenants and guests in the building by simply clicking a confirmation button inside a browser. The GT WiFi (eduroam) service has been offered through Georgia Tech as a free complimentary service for tenants of Centergy. To obtain a userid and password for authentication to eduroam complete the following form.

Please note that eduroam is not a guaranteed service. This is the same network used across Georgia Tech’s campus by students and staff. It is offered to tenants for convenience only and is not recommended infrastructure for running your business. This network is not owned or managed by Centergy property management. Any service disruption can only be addressed by Georgia Tech’s Office of Information of Technology.

  • Located on front of Buzz Card


The following link can help you connect successfully to Georgia Tech’s GT WiFi network (eduroam).

How do I connect to eduroam?